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What is revalidation and why is it important?

It is recognised as good practice to remain up to date with the latest policies, advice and techniques. Revalidation encourages Animal Health Paraprofessionals to refresh their knowledge on a regular basis in response to legislation and procedures that are constantly changing.


Online training

The revalidation training can be accessed via your Personal Training Dashboard once you have logged in and enrolled on your revalidation course.

You must complete a short pre-course self-evaluation and will then have unrestricted access to the course materials on Moodle (the learning management system), even when you have completed the course and passed the exam. You may access the training in your own time and it does not have to be completed in one go.

The online course supplies the most up-to-date information, alongside a number of quizzes and exercises to complete. Links to useful websites and documents are provided to enhance your learning further through extra reading.

Support is available for any AHP who needs it – either email your query to or phone the Improve team on 0330 202 0380 and we will be happy to help.

Everyone studies at their own pace, but the ATT revalidation course equates to 6 hours of CPD.


Online exam

Once you have completed the online training, you must the complete a short post-course self-evaluation and nominate an invigilator before proceeding to the online exam. The post-course self-evaluation, invigilator nomination and link to the online exam can all be found on your Personal Training Dashboard.

Your invigilator for the ATT revalidation exam must be a vet, a doctor or a lawyer. Both the candidate and invigilator will be required to sign the disclaimer and give their professional membership number before the online exam takes place.

Your online exam can be taken at a time that is convenient for both you and your invigilator. It will comprise of 10 multiple choice questions, to be answered within 30 minutes.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we recognise that in most cases it is no longer viable for candidates to be invigilated in person whilst maintaining safe social distancing. Please click here for information on remote invigilation via screenshare.

If you fail the exam, you have 1 opportunity to retake it. The retake fee is £49 + VAT. A week is allowed for further study and you do not have access to resit the exam until after this week. If you fail for a second time, your status will be revoked and you will have to take and pass the full course (including the Practical Assessment) to regain your AHP status.


Final declarations

At the end of the process, when all other sections on your training details page are marked as ‘No action required’, you are required to tick the ‘Final declarations’ to complete your revalidation.

For ATT revalidation, you will be asked to confirm that:

You have tested at least 30 cattle in the current revalidation cycle.
You have successfully passed a TB testing audit by either a VDP auditor or an APHA vet in this revalidation cycle. (If this is your first revalidation, this must be in addition to the 6-month on-farm audit by your AVS.)
You have checked that your personal contact details, including your unique email address, are up to date and that you have been receiving AHP communications.
The details of your AVS and their deputies are up to date on your Personal Training Dashboard and that you will continue to update this information when required.
Your signature is uploaded and is both clear and correct. (You can check your signature by downloading a certificate of authorisation. If you need to update your signature you can replace the one you originally uploaded by going to the 'update details' section when logged in.) 
You undertake to notify APHA of any changes in your circumstances that may compromise your role as an ATT.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Improve send me reminders so I know when my revalidation is due?

Yes, we will send all AHPs regular reminder emails about revalidation, starting 6 months before the expiry date. It is your responsibility to ensure that all your registered information is kept up to date, including your unique personal email address, in order to receive the reminders. Please monitor your email address and check that emails from are not being diverted to your spam folder. You will also receive status updates every 6 months. These will tell you when each of your qualifications is due for revalidation.

How do I revalidate?

Please log in to your Personal Training Dashboard, then you can either click on the 'Revalidation' link on the left, or scroll down to the relevant OCQ(AHP) and click 'Enrolment for revalidation and revalidation information'. Once you pay you will gain access to course materials.

How much is it to revalidate?

Each OCQ(AHP) costs £99 plus VAT to revalidate.

What is the earliest date I can start the training?

You may enrol to revalidate at any time. You can complete the revalidation of OCQ(AHP) courses up to 6 months before the expiry date without changing your future revalidation date.

You will need to ensure you have enough time to complete ALL the requirements before your expiry date.

I am worried that I might forget to return to the course to complete the declarations. Will I still get reminders?

Yes. Revalidation reminders will continue until you have completed the final declarations.

Do I need to book time off work to do my revalidation?

Not necessarily. The training will all be online and can be accessed and studied at any time from anywhere; all you need is a computer with internet access.

How long is the revalidation training?

Whilst everyone studies at their own pace, the revalidation training is equivalent to 6 hours of CPD.

Why do I have to revalidate?

For these new AHP roles, the revalidation process is vital to support AHPs and ensure that they are confident that their knowledge is up to date when they carry out an official function. The revalidation requirement also provides assurance that AHPs are maintaining and continuously improving their competence and applying the same to their work.

What happens if I do not revalidate?

If you do not complete revalidation within the permitted timeframe, your status will be expired. If this happens, you will be informed by email and you will not be allowed to use the OCQ(AHP). Once your status has expired, you will either have to apply to APHA/DAERA for your status to be changed from 'expired' to 'suspended', and then complete the revalidation course within 6 months of the missed deadline, OR enrol on and pass the full OCQ(AHP) course to regain it. If you wish to appeal against your status being expired, GB candidates should contact the CSC One Health OV Team (APHA) and NI candidates, as the final decision rests with APHA/DAERA. If you are aware of any exceptional or mitigating circumstances, it is worth contacting APHA/DAERA as soon as possible to avoid the necessity to retrain.

I have decided not to revalidate. How do I stop the reminders?

If you have decided not to revalidate, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Log in to your Personal Training Dashboard
  2. Find the relevant course on the 'Overview' page and click 'Details'
  3. On the 'Training details' page, locate the 'Revalidation' section
  4. Tick the box that is labelled 'If you DO NOT intend to revalidate this OCQ(AHP) when your revalidation is due, please check the box and click 'Update''
  5. Click the 'Update' button

This will stop the reminder emails and your AHP status for this qualification will be expired on your revalidation due date.

I have failed my revalidation exam. What happens now?

You have 1 opportunity to retake the exam. There is an enforced 1-week study period between the first exam and the retake. If, during this time, your revalidation date has passed, you will be suspended until you pass the exam. Whilst suspended you must not use this OCQ(AHP). If you fail on the second attempt, your status for this qualification will be revoked and you will be required to take and pass the full course to regain your AHP authorisation. If you would like feedback from ISVPS before you retake the exam, please contact them via email:

I was on my maternity leave/outside the UK during my revalidation due date. What do I do now?

Please contact APHA on 0208 026 1094 or via email CSC One Health OV Team (APHA) or to discuss further actions.

I am going on maternity leave/will be working outside Great Britain over my revalidation due date. What do I do now?

There is nothing to stop you from doing your revalidation from outside the country or from home. Courses are easy to access; all you need is internet connection to complete your online learning. Provided you can fulfil all the requirements you can also enrol and revalidate early.

What if I’m late revalidating?

If you do not complete your revalidation by the due date, your AHP status will be expired. If you still wish to revalidate, you must then do the following:

  1. Contact APHA (0208 026 1094) or DAERA ( to request that your status be changed from 'expired' to 'suspended'.
  2. Complete the revalidation course, online exam and all other requirements within 6 months of the missed deadline (please note: this is within 6 months of the previous revalidation deadline, NOT 6 months from the point at which you contact APHA/DAERA to get your status changed to suspended).
  3. Contact APHA or DAERA again once you have finished the revalidation process and completed the final declarations. They will then change your status from 'suspended' to 'authorised'.

If your revalidation is not completed within 6 months of the missed deadline, your status will be expired and you will be required to complete the full course if you wish to regain your AHP authorisation.

While your status is expired or suspended, you must not carry out any AHP work for which the qualification is required.

Can I appeal if my status is expired?

Yes, there will be an appeals process for those AHPs who have a valid reason for not completing their revalidation

Do I need to upload a certificate to confirm an APHA or VDP audit?

No, you are not required to upload a certificate. However, you will be asked to tick a declaration to confirm that an audit has taken place.

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